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CF Care Program


"ALL WE DO IS JUST FOR YOU" has been our motto for over two decades. Through the years, helping you stay compliant with your medications and treatments while helping you find the most cost effective healthcare options has always been our top priority. With the introduction of our CF BUCKS program, we're taking our commitment to you to a new level.

Patricipation in our CF Bucks program is simple. Once you've enrolled with our pharmacist, register your account online. Each month, a pharmacist will call to deliver your survey. The survey is short, less than 5 minutes, and will include questions regarding your current health, your medications, and other information to help us better enhance our patient care, and what we can do to help make compliance and adherence an attainable goal for you. 

Once you have completed your survey, $5 Healthy Bucks will be sent to you. You can redeem these Healthy Bucks through our online store for hundreds of over-the-counter items. The Healthy Bucks can accrue monthly, and have no "use by" date.

The information collected is completely confidential and will only be available to the patient, physician and the pharmacists. See our Privacy Notice for more information regarding your rights under HIPPA law.

Our goal through this program is to help you manage your cystic fibrosis better and to help save you money on the products you use everyday. We are adding more items to our online store everyday. Let us know what if there are any items you use on a regualr basis that are not currently showing up on this site.